Anderson Mill Cleaning

Tile offers a sleek, beautiful look around the home but it’s not always the easiest to maintain -- especially when you’re dealing with a light-colored grout. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that you will encounter dirt, food, and other grime in and around that grout. But don’t worry! We’ve got some tips for you on how to tackle your tile and grout to keep it looking brand new.



The best way to ensure that your grout will stay clean for as long as possible, is to prevent stains by using a grout sealant after you’ve installed your tile. Sealant will help to cover the pores throughout the grout, ensuring that any liquid or other grime that encounters the grout won’t cause permanent stains or damage.


Steam Cleaning

Often times you’ll run into stains that could prove to be tough without the proper cleaner -- and unfortunately, household cleaners aren’t terribly effective. In these instances, we always recommend consulting with a professional steam cleaning company -- like us!


We offer tile and grout steam cleaning that uses only water and heat to remove the stains from your grout making it perfectly safe for your family, pets, and home. Since grout is a porous material, the high pressure and suction of steam cleaning really digs under the stains and lifts them from the grout. This is precisely why many household cleaners have a difficult time ridding grout of stains and unwanted grime -- instead of washing through the grout, they simply act as a cover up over the grout.


So when you are choosing your tile and the grout to go with it, keep in mind the stains it can absorb and the cleaning tips we’ve shared! Remember; call us if you need a good steam cleaning for your tile and grout!